Week One.


This week, I feel like I entered some seriously unchartered territory- well ‘unchartered’ if your name is Jacinta and you’ve never been part of a gender and sexuality class.

Over the summer break, I must admit I had some reservations in regards to the subject; how much can one really study about gender and sexuality? They are the same thing, right? (I’m horribly wrong I now know thanks to Bornstein, but more on that later).

Walking in to that first lecture, I was pleasantly surprised. This was going to be fun! Well, as fun as a university elective could be. Indeed,  I would need to ‘tomber-la-chemise’ and open up my mind to the many interpretations of just what gender and sex were exactly.

I read the reading provided by Bornstein this week and though I did find it quite confronting, I giggled my way through. I guess it’s something I’ve never really considered before; what is gender, and why is it that it seems to be one of the only things we are certain to be stuck with our whole lives.  Among other semi-topics, Bornstein discusses the idea that we are ever changing human beings. I’m not the same person now as I was when I began this subject on Tuesday, it now being a very humid Friday afternoon. Thus it makes sense that if a person wishes to, they should be able to change their gender. Or perhaps not actually change it, but at least let it be more fluid. Bornstein’s readership are invited through a series of short, humorous quizzes to analyse their own gender aptitude and open them up to the realisation that gender isn’t as black and white, male and female, as it is sometimes thought to be.

Well, Bornstein certainly broadened my horizons and got my mind back into thinking mode after a long, blissful 4 months of nothingness. I excitedly anticipate my gender aptitude rating at the end of this subject.

Here’s some information I found interesting this week on the net in reference to what was discussed in the readings and in class:

Mardi Gras – is the new name inclusive or offensive?

Advertisements – ‘real men’ and ‘real women’? The media’s perception.


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